Hi, my name is Chloe Gay. I am a second year under-graduate student at Bournemouth University studying Media & Communication. My degree provides a fasinating overview of the Media sector including: Journalism, PR, Marketing, Copy-Writing and the Film and TV industry.

I am an enthusiastic, individual and team player who has a broad understanding of marketing, including digital, communications and PR. I also have good time management skills, impeccable leadership skills and am really looking forward to gaining experience with a busy and innovative media agency.

I can take a different, modern perspective to the challenges that face me, ensuring that all projects I undertake will be completed to the highest standard possible and with a good, positive attitude and initiative.

I am looking to go into a PR, Marketing or Journalism career after I graduate. I believe this is a fast-growing and innovative industry to present and develop my skills into further.

Please find below, my CV to highlight and demonstrate my key skills and experience to date:


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